All About Tree Health: Spotting Signs of Disease and Decay

All About Tree Health: Spotting Signs of Disease and Decay

In the same way humans can fall ill, trees can also experience health problems. Disease and decay can sneak up on even the healthiest-looking trees. The key to managing these issues is to recognize the signs early. As certified arborists, we at Mortensen Tree Service, Inc., are experts in spotting these signs and providing necessary interventions.

One common sign of a problem is changes in the tree’s leaves. Leaves might fall prematurely, change color out of season, or display spots or unusual patterns. These could indicate a disease or a nutritional deficiency.

Bark abnormalities, such as deep cracks, can be another indication of tree health issues. Mushrooms growing at the tree’s base, loose bark, or areas where the bark is missing can be signs of decay.

Tree posture is another important indicator. If a tree is leaning or branches are sagging, it could be a sign of structural instability. If a tree is producing excess sap or showing signs of pests, such as boreholes, it could be a signal of underlying health issues.

These signs could mean several things for your tree’s health. It could be a fleeting problem that the tree can recover from with minimal intervention, or it could be a serious issue that threatens the tree’s survival.

That’s where our professional services come in. We can accurately diagnose the problem and suggest the best course of action. This might be a regimen of specialized care to restore the tree to health or, in some cases, the tree may need to be removed to prevent disease spread or property damage.

We specialize in a wide range of tree services in Greenwood Village CO including tree removal, tree trimming, and plant health services. Our team has a wealth of experience and a commitment to professionalism. Operating in the greater Centennial, CO area, including Littleton, Greenwood Village, and Highlands Ranch, we’re the team to call when you spot signs of disease or decay in your trees.

Remember, early detection is crucial when it comes to tree diseases and decay. As a tree owner, being vigilant about changes in your tree’s health is important, but having a trusted professional partner like Mortensen Tree Service, Inc., can make all the difference.

We’re not just providing a service; we’re dedicated to preserving the beauty and health of your trees. If your trees show any signs of disease or decay, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at: We’re here to help ensure the longevity and safety of your trees.

Estate Sales – A Few Tips

Knowing exactly what you want to achieve with your estate sale will help you decide on a definitive estate sale company. If BIG cash is your main objective, the success of your estate sale is based on the quality of your personal property, which may not be worth as much as you think, and any reputable estate sale company is good enough.

What are your criteria? Do you have an amount of money in mind that you want to get from your estate sale? Do you want to hire a company that collects taxes? Is a contract required? Are they licensed and bonded? Does the estate sale residence have homeowner’s insurance? Do you want to remain on the premises during the sale? Do you want to participate in pricing? Do you want your items sold at high prices?

In answer to the title and above questions, read through an estate sale company’s website, and focus on Services, FAQs and About pages. Then, ask yourself questions about your goal and what you are willing to comply with or not, in terms of the company’s standards or professional business practices.

There are many professional estate sale companies to choose from, and they all want to help you solve your problem, which is to launch and manage a professional estate sale.

When selling for you, a professional estate sale company is doing their best to help you solve your problem.

Professional estate sellers are aware that you are unsure about how to do an estate sale on your own, and that is why you are enlisting their services.

When you contact an estate sale company initially, it is their responsibility to educate you as to why its service can assist you in reaching your estate sale goal — if you have not reached that conclusion from reading through their website.

An estate sale company’s main goal in responding to your inquiry for service is asking and answering questions to clarify the estate sale process to efficiently meet your objective — if your questions have not been answered from reading through their website.

In terms of who is the best service to do your estate sale, or how do you decide whom to do your estate sale is left entirely to your judgment and trust.

An estate sale company’s website should be your first stop to get a feel for the owner’s personality.

Does the information on their website raise your awareness of what you actually need?

Does it explain how they can help you fulfill that need in an intelligent and practical way?

If the website helps bring clarity to your thinking about doing an estate sale, then the decision to hire an estate sale company or review other websites mean you are on the right track.

Warning: Beware of hard sales or pushiness.

Focus on questioning to allow an estate sale company to address your needs, as well as other services required to manage your estate sale.

What Do Estate Sale Clients Really Want from An Estate Sale Company — Besides High Prices?

And with those high prices, the bulkiest furniture and appliances will remain to be donated after your estate sale because no one will pay the high prices you may want.

Some estate sellers are so anxious to do sales they will acquiesce when clients want to set prices beyond what the current market will bear.

In this economy, with all types of sales going on, and a market saturated with too much stuff to sell, we are all missing sales because of unrealistic goals. When an estate sale is extended — guess why?

As clients, you need honesty about the consequences of overvaluing items.

In my professional opinion, estate sales are basically about resale and liquidation value because the goal is to sell all items in one to three days.

From this perspective, if there are two or heaven forbid three sales on the same street in the same vicinity of your estate sale, the pressure to move your property full of possessions and cars is a daunting task for any estate sale company, in this economic climate.

If you consider auctioning it off, you may still get liquidation value proceeds, in addition to fees.

Yes, estate sales are booming, but an estate sale has three human components that want to benefit from it: the client, the seller, and the buyers.

I am not suggesting that your things be given away, but there are advantages in setting a fair price, to avoid donating it.

As many of you do, I too, visit many community garage sales, yard sales, and flea markets. Yet, I am amazed at their prices too, but you can’t tell them that an item that they perceive is valuable or spent a lot of money on won’t sell!

The point is: We all need a pricing reality check!

As you know, estate sales are not garage sales, but they’re not Christie’s or Sotheby’s either.

Estate sale companies are doing their best to sell high-quality items in a used item environment.

I understand why it is so difficult for estate sales clients to decide who is the best service to do their estate sale, but what I don’t understand is the unawareness of the depreciation of personal property.

Finally, estate sale clients must know exactly what you want to achieve with your estate sale and trust the judgment of the estate sale company you hire. Read through several websites and decide on one that has the potential to liquidate the bulk of your estate *(notwithstanding antiques, expensive collectibles, fine art, jewelry, etc.). That is how you decide whom to do your estate sale and sell out to the bare walls!

*Make sure that the estate sale company you hire is qualified to secure and sell your valuables.

How To Detect Carpenter Ants Around Your House

Carpenter Ant Detection – Pest Control

The need for carpenter ant treatments has increased in many parts of the world. One of the main areas where carpenter ants are commonly seen to be a problem is the southern part of the US. There are many other places across the globe that are affected by carpenter ants, but the majority are found in America. Since carpenter ants have started to increase in numbers, the need for effective carpenter ant treatments has become more needed than ever before.

pest control

Close up of tight ant colony with queen and offspring found under bark of pine tree firewood. Likely carpenter ants Camponotus pennsylvanicus.

There are many different types of treatments that one can use for these active pests. What you need to realize is that simply applying a treatment to carpenter ants will not get rid of the problem. You have to take a number of steps in relation to prevention and detection of carpenter ants. Before you can start treating carpenter ants effectively, you will need to know the common places where these ants would normally be found in the house.

Carpenter ants are usually known to be found in areas that are close to forests and moldy environments. It is the nature of these ants to travel long distances, which is why it is also common to find them in areas that are far from woody areas. Carpenter ants in general are known to build their nests in moist areas of the house. In particular, they are known to build their colonies by creating holes in wooden furniture.

The most common places where you can expect to locate carpenter ants in your house would include the following places: areas that suffer from moisture problems such as leakages, windows, attics, hollow doors, trees, mulch beds, roof lines, gutters, door frames, trash containers and much more.

The above are only some of the most common areas where you can expect to find carpenter ants. One of the first steps that you should do before considering carpenter ant treatments is finding out the source. If you happen to come across carpenter ants in your own household, there is a very good chance that they will be located in more than one area.

Since ant colonies are known to grow over time across a wide range of areas, to ensure that any carpenter ant treatments are effective, it is important that all the sources are discovered first. You might be required to order some form of professional help in order to be able to locate all the possible affected areas. Before searching for the entire place affected in your household, start off by making sure that you have cut off all possible areas by which carpenter ants can enter the house.


Carpenter Ant closeup macro shot crawling along a wooden plank.

The areas that you would need to focus on would include: trees in your back yard, the door way, windows, attic and the kitchen. It is quite common for carpenter ants to be attracted towards food as they need to store food for their colony. The process of carpenter ant treatments can take a long time. More Questions about Pest control San Antonio