Why is split test important

Why is split test important

A/b split testing is a good way to compare the conversion of your pages. There are a few software solutions you could use for testing. The best known are Google website optimizer, and a split testing plugin for Joomla. Why is split test important?Search Engine Optimization

There are two ways of increasing your website profit: increasing traffic, or increasing conversions. Getting more traffic can be very expensive. On the other hand, small changes can sometimes increase conversions, as much as 10% or 20%, so you can earn more money with less expenses. This is where a/b split testing can be useful. By running the a/b experiment, you can see which changes have a positive effect on conversion rate, and then change your page accordingly.How does it work?

Every split test is comprised of at least 3 elements: original page, variation page, and conversion page. Original page is the page that is currently used on the website. You need to put Google website optimizer tracking script at the beginning of the head tag of this page. Second element is variation page – it is the page that will replace the original page during the split test. You can have many variation pages running. Tracking script is put on all variation pages. At the end, you’ll need a conversion page. This page is the page which is counted as an action (registration, payment etc.) and it can be e.g. a confirmation page or a thank you page. A/b conversion tracking code is needed on this page.

The a/b split test is switching between your pages automatically. During the test, original page is shown to some users, while the others see the variation page. You can compare the conversions after a few hours, or analyze the data thoroughly after stopping the test. If you use Google website optimizer, only the conversion data is displayed, but you can see more advanced test statistics in Google Analytics.

* A tip for Google website optimizer – If your urls don’t get validated, save your html source code and upload your pages manuallySplit test in Joomla

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What about Joomla? You can use Press9 a/b testing or Google website optimizer plugin. Press9 is a Joomla split testing which doesn’t need the Adwords account and tracking codes. On the other side, Google website optimizer is a plugin that inserts your split test tracking code into Joomla articles. There are two version: basic, which is free but can run only one test at a time, and pro version which is licensed but allows you to conduct multiple experiments at the same time. Add commentJCommentsLatest articlesMost popularRSS feeds Internet marketiing Latest articles SEO Web design Conseo is a blog about SEO optimization, internet marketing and web design and programming written by SEO and web design experts. Our goal is to share our experience with other people and help them save time and learn something new while developing. We also encourage you to leave comments, we can also learn something from you that way.Services: SEO Analysis -Keyword research-On-site SEO-Link building -SEO all inclusive-SEO maintenance-SEO consulting-Web design

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