Basic Cooking Tricks That Will Take Your Dish To The Next Level

Ever wondered why you never seemed to be able to perfectly reproduce a certain dish even though you did all the exact same steps? The problem may be extraordinarily simple. With just a few cooking tricks, you can turn a basic dish into something more delicious and exciting or simplify your process.

One of the most basic cooking tricks you must add to your repertoire is remembering not to overcrowd the pan. There might be a little room left in your skillet for another chicken fillet or an extra mushroom. However, when it doubt, keep food apart so that they are all exposed to the flame, will cook evenly and absorb all the flavors equally.

Another equally important tip is to let red meat time to rest before and after cooking. This prevents losing its juicy flavor before cooking and will help it cook all the way through without drying it out after cooking. It is also advisable to always keep frozen vegetables or meat at hand for unexpected guests or a sudden craving but keep an eye out for spoilage and be mindful of using it before the expiry date.

Using spices can amp up your dishes, but it is equally important to take heed of where you store our spices. A cool, dark place is best. Never store them near the stove, as the heat will drastically change their flavor. It is also advisable to cut fresh herbs along with a pinch of salt to prevent them moving around too much. Using paper towels to preserve unused herbs or vegetables will also make them last longer. Put the paper towel in a plastic Ziploc bag, add the produce and squeeze the air out after resealing to prevent air and moisture from coming into contact with the food. One food that benefits from extra water is pasta. Cooking pasta sauce in pasta water not only gives it a better taste but will also give the sauce the right consistency.

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