How To Get Your Feet Tapping With A Catchy Pop Song

Everyone loves a good song, regardless of genre. Pop music charts feature a huge range of styles and artists which makes it difficult to pin any specific genre as “pop.” However, going with the general definition that a pop song is simply one that is extremely popular seems to define it more profoundly. To write your own pop song, sing it by yourself or pitch it to an artist means that it has to be one that listeners will enjoy listening to and can identify with. It does not hurt to have the song frequently requested on radio stations either.

To attain pop song status, there are a couple of things to keep in mind when writing or singing a pop song. The first is to touch the listener emotionally. In a world full of bland songs, the song that can make the audience feel what the singer felt is a rare advantage, be it angry lyrics on heartbreak or wanting to dance the night away. The message that the song delivers should be focused and deal with a single subject matter, which will help uncomplicate matters. This makes the lyrics easier to remember and song along to. Finally, all this must be one in a way that it keeps listeners involved in the song – if the lyrics call the listener to dance, they should feel the urge to dance.

If you seem to have trouble starting, never fear. Even the greats had problems composing songs or getting them to mean what they want. Listen to inspirational music, taking a break or even meditating on the exact feelings you want to convey in the lyrics will make a world of difference, rather than simply forcing the lyrics out to meet a deadline. Remember that a pop song is an amalgamation of something you feel or want to say and something the audience wants to hear.

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