What If Life On Other Planets Actually Existed?

Humans have always looked up at the night skies and wondered if there was life beyond our small planet. This curiosity is as old as civilization itself and renewed interest on the subject doesn’t always stem from popular culture. Even early cave paintings show barely humanoid-looking depictions coming from the stars. Though it is unlikely that aliens visited mankind during some stage of our development, people have thought incessantly about alien life, what they would look like, and whether they would come peacefully, if they ever visited.

NASA’s administrator Charles Bolden state in 2015 that he believes that one day, we will discover other life forms at least in
neighboring solar systems if not our own. With the probability of literally thousands, if not a greater number of planets very similar to Earth, many scientists believe that evidence of life somewhere in the universe is very possible. There are a couple of theories why we may not have had extraterrestrial contact. One of them hypotheses that they are simply watcher, uninterested in contacting or allowing contact from humans, while another more complex theory states that in order to make life possible on any planet, the conditions must be so precise that there is very little chance of another earth existing in the universe.

However, there is no definitive way to know if aliens exist until we are contacted, something Stephen Hawking says can be dangerous. There is a possibility of finding more primitive life than advanced life, both which could infect humanity with diseases we have no resistance to. Yet finding
Extraterrestrial life would be a giant leap for science. The fact that we would no longer be alone in this vast abyss of space opens the door to a world of possibilities and a plethora of questions. The fact exists that if and when we find potential signs of alien life, it is a beacon that humans are no longer alone.

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