Making Money From Good Music

Most musicians want to make as much as money as possible from their music. Royalties have become a thing of the past. There are better options available today to get your music heard by everyone apart from featuring in movies and television. Along with the financial benefit you get, you get a chance to expand your fan base and create a great looking resume.

Many of the background music that on the TV shows and movies are from songwriters and artists who are independent. It is not just the instrumentals but also the vocal and instrumental pieces that you hear on the TV shows are from these artists who are lesser known. Prepare a demo of your music and if all goes well your song could feature in the next big hit TV show.

Source Music is another option where your song could be placed in the show as something that is played from a device. For example, a character could be listening to radio and your song could be featured as the song that is being played. This is also one of the easiest methods to get a break in the music industry.

Another misconception that most people have is about the lyrics and tempo of the song that is suitable for a television show. Slow ballads and mournful songs do not work unfortunately. Some of the lyric themes that are in most demand is the ones about universal concepts and emotions such as love. You can also add names, places and other details that are relevant to the show to get yours featured.

One thing to keep in mind when sending our song to digitally is to make sure that you have embedded your contact information into the metadata section of your song file.

Apart from the above mentioned features, it is important that the music you make is unique, appealing, fresh and most importantly your own.

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